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Iovino Enterprises, LLC is the parent organization to a family of companies that perform construction services for both public and commercial clients. With over 15 years of experience, our heavy civil and specialty contracting business groups have developed and maintained our nation’s infrastructure, establishing themselves among the country’s most reputable contractors.

Led by industry visionary Thomas Iovino, who has over 40 years of construction experience, Iovino Enterprises (IE) has established itself as a leader in the civil, electrical, mechanical, track, remediation and demolition infrastructure space.

About Us


Times have changed since Thomas Iovino established and grew his first heavy civil contracting business. He recognized the shifting dynamic industry landscape, where new contractors were finding it increasingly difficult to successfully compete for work needed to scale their own businesses. Leveraging his experience, expertise and resources to help these contractors build their businesses was the genesis of Iovino Enterprises.

Incorporated in 2006, Iovino Enterprises focused on specialty construction serving niche markets. The company’s vision was to provide construction entrepreneurs access to financial and administrative resources that would allow them to successfully build their businesses. The first partner company was TCE, who has built a very successful transit signal/power business. Other specialty contractors would soon follow, including J-Track and Welkin Mechanical. Iovino Enterprises is now the parent company to four construction companies including recently added MLJ contracting, extending its scope to include other specialty and heavy civil contractors serving a wide range of owners and clients.

Partnering with industry-seasoned and driven entrepreneurs, Iovino Enterprises has built a reputation of enabling construction experts and providing them a pathway to build their own business. Iovino Enterprises generates hundreds of millions in revenue every year and is ranked the 4th largest contractor in the New York Transportation Sector and the 23rd New York Top Contracting firm, according to the 2019 ENR rankings.

While each company brings its own unique personality and style, Iovino Enterprises’ culture is rooted in a common vision and set of values: respect, care and development for all colleagues regardless of position, a team-first culture and a commitment to make a difference in the communities they serve.

As we look to the future of Iovino Enterprises, we celebrate the diversity and dedication inherent in each colleague and business partner, certain in the knowledge that, by engaging with each other, respecting each other, and listening to each other we can realize our full potential and accomplish great things—for our company, our business partners, suppliers, clients and the communities we serve.

If you would like to know more about joining the Iovino Enterprises “family of companies,” click here.

History & Experience




Thomas Iovino is a successful American business executive and entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience as a visionary leader in the construction and infrastructure industry. He currently serves as Chairman and Founder of Iovino Enterprises (IE), the parent organization of a family of companies that perform major civil and specialty construction services, with operations in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Virginia and Washington DC.

Thomas Iovino currently serves as Chairman and Founder of Iovino Enterprises, which is comprised of five successful niche contracting companies: J-Track, TCE, Welkin Mechanical and MLJ Contracting. These companies perform track, signal, mechanical and infrastructure projects, respectively. Mr. Iovino founded Iovino Enterprises with an unwavering commitment to leveraging his many years of success in the industry, assembling the highest quality resources and expertise and building a family of companies dedicated to enhancing the everyday lives of the people impacted by IE’s execution of numerous services for various public works projects.

Formerly serving as Chief Executive Officer of OHL North America, one of the region’s leading construction firms and a major unit of the OHL Group headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Mr. Iovino oversaw the construction activities of OHL North America and its divisions, including Judlau Contracting, Inc. (which he founded in 1981), OHL USA, OHL Canada, Community Asphalt, OHL Building and OHL Arellano.

Concurrently, Mr. Iovino is a member of the World Presidents’ Organization, the Chief Executives Organization and Construction Industry Roundtable. He is also a member of The Moles, a fraternal organization of the heavy construction industry, through which he was honored with the prestigious 2012 Moles Member Award for outstanding achievements in construction. Mr. Iovino is also a Trustee on the Board of Directors of the Norton Museum in Palm Beach and an Honoree in 2017 for the Columbus Citizen’s Foundation.

As a dedicated philanthropist, Mr. Iovino founded the IF Foundation with a commitment to empowering families in rural Haiti to create their own pathway out of poverty. The foundation’s entrepreneurial approach to solving global poverty is giving philanthropists an opportunity to help create sustainable economic opportunities, while transforming communities for the disadvantaged. He also served as a weekly volunteer at Huntington Hospital for 20 years and as President of the Suffolk County Family Services League.

Mr. Iovino received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a licensed Professional Engineer in New York.

Our Leadership
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